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Scholars of "100 Top Talents Program"

In order to further implement the talent strategy, accelerate the pace of educational development, introduce high-level talents particularly from overseas, and promote the development of teaching, scientific research, medical sciences and discipline construction, Sun Yat-Sen University is recruiting excellent scholars at home and abroad who are qualified for the “100 Top Talents Program”

I. Qualifications The applicants should respect academic ethics. Dedication to work, good team spirit and communication skills in international cooperation and exchange are also essentials. Meanwhile, the applicants should meet one of the following conditions:
1) Experts and scholars with high academic attainments and outstanding achievements in relevant fields.
2) Academic leaders and specialists with advanced professional level in relevant disciplinary fields.
3) Ph.D. degree holders with good qualities and great development potentials and graduated from prestigious universities or research institutes at home and abroad, or tutored by famous professors. Applicants in natural sciences, engineering and medical sciences should be under 35 years old, and in social sciences and humanities, under 40 years old.

II. Material Requirements
1) Resume since college with a list of research projects, publications and awards in the past five years;
2) Research proposal after joining SYSU;
3) At least three recommendation letters by distinguished scholars in the same field at home and abroad (including contact information of recommenders);
4) Complete the “Recruitment Application Form of SYSU 100 Top Talents Program” as directed by the corresponding schools and departments.

III. Working, Living conditions at SYSU and Related Regulations
SYSU will provide research start-up grants, settling allowances and offices and laboratories.
1) Research Start-up Grants: according to the actual situations, the allocation of research start-up grants for the talents of the "100 Top Talents Program" is as follows: talents of social sciences and humanities will receive grants of 10,000-1,000,000 RMB; talents of science, engineering and medical sciences will receive grants of 20,000-2,000,000 RMB. For those with special needs in the research projects, the research grants can be allocated accordingly. The grants offered by the university is principally used for the purchasing of research equipments, repairing of research establishments, purchasing of research materials, necessary operating expenses and other related expenses.
2) Settling Allowances: according to the actual situations of the invited talents of the "100 Top Talents Program", the University will offer a certain amount of settling allowances for the invited talents.
3) Offices and Laboratories: they are mainly provided by related schools and departments.
4) Salaries and Fringe Benefits: salaries of the invited talents of the "100 Top Talents Program" are commensurate with qualifications and experience. Talents invited from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas, after obtaining the residence permit, can settle the salary and fringe benefits procedures according to related regulations.
5) Allocation of Research Assistants: through the application by schools or departments and with the approval of the University, the invited leading experts of the "100 Top Talents Program" can be allocated research assistants.
6) In the "985 Project" and other key research projects, the University will introduce the Principal Investigators (PI) who will preside over related projects. The salary for the PI will be determined and affirmed in other regulations according to the actual situation.

IV. Contact Information
Address:  Office of Talent Acquisition and Services
                 Human Resources Department
                 Sun Yat-sen University
                 No. 135, Xingang Xi Road
                 Guangzhou, 510275
                 P. R. China
Tel.: 86-20-84114884
Email: rscrcyj@mail.sysu.edu.cn
Contact: Lin Tianjie, Sun Fan