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Guangzhou Campuses (A-Z)
Department of Chinese
Department of History
Department of Philosophy
Department of Physical Education
Department of Psychology
Guanghua School of Stomatology
Liberal Arts College (Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities, University General Education Unit)
School of Art
School of Chemistry
School of Communication and Design
School of Computer Science and Engineering (School of Software)
School of Cybersecurity
School of Electronics and Information Technology (School of Microelectronics)
School of Engineering
School of Environmental Science and Engineering
School of Geography and Planning
School of Government
School of Information Management
School of Law (School of Intellectual Property, School of International Maritime & Oceans Law)
School of Life Sciences
School of Marxism

School of Materials Science and Engineering

School of Mathematics

School of National Secrecy
School of Nursing
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
School of Physics
School of Sociology and Anthropology
School of Systems Science and Engineering
Sun Yat-sen Business School (Academy of Entrepreneurship)
YAT-SEN School
Zhongshan School of Medicine
Zhuhai Campus (A-Z)
Department of Chinese (Zhuhai)
Department of History (Zhuhai)
Department of Philosophy (Zhuhai)
International School of Business & Finance
School of Artificial Intelligence
School of Atmospheric Sciences
School of Chemical Engineering and Technology
School of Civil Engineering
School of Earth Sciences and Engineering
School of Geospatial Engineering and Science
School of International Relations
School of Marine Engineering and Technology
School of Marine Sciences
School of Mathematics(Zhuhai)
School of Microelectronics Science and Technology
School of Physics and Astronomy
School of Software Engineering
School of Tourism Management
Sino-French Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Technology
Shenzhen Campus (A-Z)
School of Agriculture
School of Aeronautics and Astronautics
School of Biomedical Engineering
School of Ecology
School of Electronics and Communication Engineering
School of Intelligent Systems Engineering
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Shenzhen)
School of Public Health (Shenzhen)
School of Materials
School of Medicine
Affiliated Hospitals
The First Affiliated Hospital
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital (The Second Affiliated Hospital)
The Third Affiliated Hospital
Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center
Hospital of Stomatology
The Fifth Affiliated Hospital
The Sixth Affiliated Hospital
The Seventh Affiliated Hospital (Shenzhen)
The Eighth Affiliated Hospital (Futian, Shenzhen)