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Discipline Construction & Talent Cultivation
Discipline Construction & Talent Cultivation

Table 1: 

Degrees and Specialties  
Doctoral Degree granting disciplines (first-level) 51
Doctoral Degree granting disciplines (second-level, not including those covered by first-level) 1
Masters Degree granting disciplines (first-level) 59
Masters Degree granting disciplines (second-level, not including those covered by first-level) 4
Undergraduate majors 136
Professional degree category  
Master's degree

Table 2:

Key Disciplines  
Provincial key discipline (peak-climbing key discipline) 20
Provincial key discipline (preponderant key discipline) 17
Provincial undergraduate featured specialty construction in colleges and universities 49
Provincial specialty comprehensive reform pilot project 22

Table 3:

Teaching Achievements  
National award 46
Provincial award 210

Table 4:

National Talents Training Bases  
National training base for research and teaching talents in basic science
National base for teaching talents and research in liberal basic science
National life science and technology talents training base 1
National integrated circuit talents training base 1
National college students' cultural quality education base 1
National sports training base for college students 1
National base for top students in basic disciplines cultivation plan 2.0 1

(Statistics as of September 30, 2020)