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2021 New Year’s Message from Sun Yat-sen University

Last updated :2020-12-31

Source: Publicity Department
Translated by: Zhan Cheng
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

The sun and the moon never stop advancing. With time passing by, a brand-new year is approaching.

With the coming of 2021, on behalf of Sun Yat-sen University, we would like to extend our warmest New Year greetings to all our students, current and retired faculty and staff, alumni at home and abroad, and friends from all walks of life who have always cared for and supported the development of our university.

The year 2020 was an extraordinary one. It will be memorized as the final year for decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way, winning the battle of poverty alleviation, and fully realizing the 13th Five-Year Plan. It was also a year in which Sun Yat-sen University entered a new period for excellence and first-class development.

In 2020, Sun Yat-sen University adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, adhered to and strengthened the overall leadership of the Party on all its undertakings, and stayed focused on the primary task of fostering virtue through education. The university gave priority to organic growth, improved its governance system, enhanced the shaping of an excellent university culture, and promoted the formulation of the master plan for the university during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

In 2020, Sun Yat-sen University strengthened Party building at grassroots level, and improved its sound ideological and political work system. Efforts were made to implement with high standards the cultivation project for secretaries of teachers’ Party branches to excel in both Party building and academic fields. The university cultivated and developed a number of benchmark schools or departments and model Party branches at national and provincial levels. A whole system of ideological and political courses with strong features of the times and SYSU characteristics has been actively developed. The education reform was promoted to enrich the ideological and political contents in all disciplines. A long-term mechanism for students’ Marxist theory learning and education took shape.

In 2020, Sun Yat-sen University improved the talent cultivation system and continuously strengthened the “five integrations”. With the goal of providing demonstration and setting standards, the disciplinary construction was enhanced. The university explored innovative talent training models, and actively implemented the “excellence creation” project. Labor education and art education were implemented extensively. A larger proportion of graduates from bachelor’s programs went on to pursue higher degree programs. As a result, the academic atmosphere featuring “education at SYSU, pursuit for excellence” has become stronger.

In 2020, Sun Yat-sen University continued to uphold the “three orientations”, and strived to make breakthroughs in key technologies that are crucial for China’s development. The university had ranked first place and second place among all Chinese universities in terms of the total number of annual and general research projects approved by the National Social Science Fund and the Ministry of Education’s Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences Projects, and the number of research projects approved by the National Natural Science Fund, for five consecutive years and four consecutive years respectively. China’s largest-ever oceanographic research and training vessel, named after Sun Yat-sen University, entered into commission. High-end think-tanks development was successful. Construction of a science center for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as part of a project known as the Chinese Space Station Telescope (CSST), progressed well. Construction of a number of platforms, including TianQin Project, Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory, National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou, Center for Precision Medicine, and Sunlight Spectrometer was on a fast track. Targeted planning and initiatives were made for chip research and development and biological security.

In 2020, Sun Yat-sen University’s structure of “five campuses in three cities”, as well as its disciplinary pattern featuring comprehensive development of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, engineering, agriculture and art, formally took shape. The Shenzhen Campus was officially put into use. A number of schools and departments on the Zhuhai Campus moved into new buildings. More schools and departments were established, further improving the disciplinary structure of the university. Efforts were made to foster an excellent university culture, with the construction of the university library, museum and concert hall progressing well. SYSUers have enjoyed a higher sense of gains and happiness.

In 2020, Sun Yat-sen University fulfilled its social responsibilities and demonstrated its love for the motherland as well as a strong SYSU spirit. In the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, the university responded to the call of the Party and the nation immediately, put together its advantages and resources in medical science and organized 512 top medical professionals to Wuhan City and Hubei Province to assist epidemic control. SYSU’s affiliated hospitals assumed the responsibility of designated patients admission and epidemic prevention and control in Guangdong Province. The university also mobilized medical experts to various sites in and outside Guangdong, and even overseas for pandemic prevention and control. Two research findings of the university were included in the national diagnosis and treatment plan for Covid-19. The university also took an active part in China’s poverty alleviation undertaking, and provided targeted support and assistance to designated poverty-stricken areas covering various sectors including human resources development, education, medical care, culture, industry and social resources mobilization. Fengqing County of Yunnan Province successfully eliminated poverty. All the poor households in Kemuwan Village of Lianzhou City were lifted out of poverty.

As we bid farewell to the year 2020, we have taken solid steps forward and harvested fruitful achievements. As we look ahead to the year 2021 with greater confidence, our future is even brighter.

The year 2021 is the first year to implement the 14th Five-Year Plan and start a new journey of building a socialist modernized country in an all-round way. It is also the year that marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In this milestone year, Sun Yat-sen University will write a glorious chapter with its vitality and endeavors!

Dear faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends, let us unite more closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, focus on the overall goal of the 14th Five-Year Plan, seize opportunities, forge ahead and start a new journey of building a world-class university!

May the New Year bring happiness, health, and success to our faculty and staff, students, alumni, and friends!

CHEN Chunsheng    LUO Jun
December 31, 2020