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[2019 Graduation Season] 2019 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement Held

Last updated :2019-06-30

Source: Publicity Department
Written by: Tang Qingwang, Lin Lin, Hu Lan, Luo Qinqin, Xu Lanxin, Liu Qianyu, Ji Keying, Kong Weize, Huang Ziming, Peng Changlan, Chen Runxin, Li Muyao
Compiled by: Hao Jun, Wei Jianing, Liu Tiangang, Bi Xiaotong
Photo by: Li Jinfeng, Shen Lin, Zhong Haolun, Xiao Yao, Wu Huiyan, Peng Yishuai, Weng Zisen, Cai Zhishan, Guo Yulin, Ye Ziqi, Huang Ziyin, Yu Yinxuan
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

The two-day 2019 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement ended in in K.K. Leung Hall on Guangzhou South Campus. The ceremony included 8 sessions and covered 38 schools and departments. Executive Vice President Sun Dongbai, Vice President Li Shanmin, Deputy Secretary Yu Minbin, and Vice President Wang Xuehua presided over the sessions respectively. President Luo Jun conferred degrees to nearly 8000 graduates.

Professor Chen Xinzi, Professor Lin Gang, Professor Wang Bin, and Professor Zhang Guangzhao holding the scepter
Behind every bachelor’s degree gown is the expectation for the future as well as the love for SYSU and gratitude to the teachers.

Deputy Secretary Yu Minbin presiding over the ceremony
Executive Vice President Sun Dongbai presiding over the ceremony 
Great Ambition
This is the third time for Academician Chen Xinzi to hold the scepter at the ceremony. In his eyes youth means working hard. “If we cultivate the hard-working spirit, we will keep it in our life. Whatever environment we are in, we should work hard for the society and the country.” Academician Chen Xinzi hoped that the graduates would be brave to pursue their dreams: “Our country is getting more and more stronger, young people have broad prospects. I hope the students will strive forward to realize their dreams, and be not afraid of any difficulties.”

"The level of freshmen have increased to a large extent compared with that of ten or fifteen years ago; in recent years the university has made a lot of achievements in its development, which we couldn’t imagine four years ago,” said Professor Wang Bin from the School of International Studies who held the scepter at the ceremony. He hoped that with better platforms the students would aim high and achieve success.

Looking back at her four years at SYSU, Chen Xinnuo from the School of Tourism Management said: “From a high school student, I became a university student. Although I loved my major, I was not sure about what I would do or what I could do in the future.” Luckily, guided by her supervisor, she was clear about her direction. In the advancing process of doing research projects, publishing articles and attending academic conferences, she gradually shifted her identity from a high school student to a university student, and set her academic direction.

The caring teacher
The outstanding graduate Zhou Yanyu from the School of Foreign Languages expressed similar puzzlement, “In the first year, I felt studying English was not enough, and I wanted to study law.” Inspired by the academic achievements of her teachers, she began to have a new understanding of her major.

Reciting the oath for a medical student
For Su Zepeng who majored in Clinical Medicine, white represents a pure belief. “When I had my first internship, the patients would call me “Doctor Su”. For the first time I realized that I was not just a student, but also a medical worker. Every word I said and every question I asked might affect the patient, so I felt heavier responsibilities on my shoulder.”

Green Campus
"My favorite color is the SYSU green,” said the Japanese student Yamaguchi Mai from the Department of Chinese. “The green university emblem, green grass, green graduation certificate... I can see the SYSU green everywhere.” Interested in East Asian language and culture, she plans to stay in China and continue to study Chinese language and culture: “My mother is Korean, and I’m Japanese. Now I’ve come to China. I have deep feelings and great enthusiasm for Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture.”    

The graduate and his parents
Zhang Jixian from the School of Law participated in the moot court competition twice as a sophomore and a senior student. His score wasn’t ideal in the first competition. Two years later, he was satisfied with the result: “As a senior student, I have more knowledge in law. Guided by the teachers, our team went through two months of training. The second time I took part in the competition, I made great progress than the first time, and won the second prize in the national university students moot court competition.”

Professor Xie Shi, Dean of the School of Boya (Liberal Arts) College, said: “Seeing the prosperous university and the energetic students, I feel lucky to be able to live in such a vigorous era and participate in the process of the university’s development.” In his eyes, the green at SYSU is the vigor on campus that nurtures thousands of bright and young dreams.

Precious Heart
Standing in the warm light in K.K. Leung Hall, the graduates’ hearts were filled with joy.

Best image
For Ye Guiling from the Department of Chinese, the highlight of her four years in the university is winning the silver medal in the basketball match at the 10th Guangdong University Student Sports Games. “Although we didn’t win the champion, we proved ourselves. This is the best result in the history of the SYSU Women’s Basketball Team.”

Full of expectations
"Now is the highlight of my four years,” said the outstanding graduate Li Dongni from the Lingnan College. She said that the four-year undergraduate study has made her stronger and more independent. The golden stole for outstanding graduates is perfect for the end of her undergraduate life.

Wei Linkai from the Sino-French Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Technology received his degree certificate. The 6-month internship in France left him a deep impression. “My internship paper was selected as excellent by the institute, and I’m very happy about it.” It’s more inspiring for him to have his work recognized than having received several scholarships.

Brilliant Future
"There have been great changes in the university during the past five years. We have made remarkable achievements in campus construction and discipline development,” said Professor Zhang Guangzhao. He also expressed his hope for the students: "Graduation is a new stage, a further step upward. Give full play to your talent, keep in mind SYSU’s goal of talent cultivation, take a down-to-earth approach in academic research, and make contributions to our motherland.”

The officiating professors
“Graduation means going to different places. No matter you start to work or further your study, I hope you will have positive influence on the society.” This is Professor Lin Gang’s expectation for the graduates.

When he heard the President saying “Congratulations”, Gong Chen from Zhongshan School of Medicine felt grateful because he knew he had to work hard to realize his dream. He hoped through his unremitting effort, he could become leader in the field of Rehabilitation Therapeutics, and make greater contribution to the medical cause of our country.

Yi Hongying from the School of Sociology and Anthropology has been assigned to work in Guizhou province after graduation. She was excited at seeing the “magic scepter”. Talking about her future plan, she was calm and confident: “To work in the grassroots units, I must have a correct attitude and work hard.” She expressed the hope to make contributions in her work and implement the alma mater’s expectation of serving the country.
We will always support you
The 2019 SYSU graduates will keep in mind Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s precept of “for the welfare of the society, for the glory of the country”, and embrace the brilliant future.

Everlasting Song on Campus
On the morning of June 26, the 2019 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement started in K.K. Leung Hall on Guangzhou South Campus.

2019 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement

"The Baiyun mountain is high, and the Pearl River is Long”, accompanied by the familiar university anthem, Professor Xu Yuantong held the scepter and walked into the hall with the officiating professors. They were greeted by cheers and applause.

For Professor Xu Yuantong, the commencement is significant for both the university and the students. “Revitalize the Chinese nation, always bear in mind” is his favorite sentence in the university anthem. He said to the graduates: “The new era has put forward new requirements for young people. I hope you will shoulder responsibilities and make achievements, and I wish you a very bright future!”

Professor Xu Yuantong, Professor Xia Shuzhang, Professor Gao Rui and Professor Li Yuesheng holding the scepter
"I wish to see the scepter again.” Lu Jiaqi from the Department of Psychology said after the graduation ceremony. “This is perhaps the last time I listened to the university anthem during my stay at the university, so it is a very memorable moment for me.” The university anthem will encourage her to continue her further study.

Study at SYSU, pursue excellence
Professor Zhang Xinping from the Department of Physical Education recalled the changes at the university in recent years. She was impressed that the university attached great importance to physical education, not only constructing new infrastructure but also holding various sports games to promote the campus sports culture.

Vice President Li Shanmin presiding over the ceremony

Vice President Wang Xuihua presiding over the ceremony
Professor Li Yuesheng, former president of SYSU from 1984 to 1991, recalled the graduation ceremony in the earlier years. He said with a smile: “The graduation ceremony then was not as grand as today. Now the students wear degree gowns. Then the ceremony was very simple with teacher representative and student representative giving a speech.” He hoped that through such a solemn ceremony, the graduates would have broader horizons, dare to innovate and write a new chapter in their lives!

Inspiring Youth
The youthful days of studying on SYSU campuses have become valuable memories.

Stride proudly ahead
At the age of 101, Professor Xia Shuzhang, father of MPA in China, held the scepter and walked into the K.K. Leung Hall. In his view, it is most important for the undergraduate students to give priority to basic study, “undergraduate” means we should lay a solid foundation and grasp the fundamentals. 70 years ago he was attracted into SYSU, and he has always been caring about SYSU’s development. He said that the university’s planning of five campuses in three cities is the direction of efforts for a comprehensive university.

He Xiangxu, who majored in Photoelectric Information, graduated with distinction. He was deeply impressed by the rapid development of the university. “In recent years the university has been improving infrastructure and introducing talents, and providing us with better teaching resources and conditions.” He was grateful to the university and the professors for winning the honor of outstanding graduate. He would keep in mind Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s graduation precept, strive forward with confidence, and make ontributions to our country.

In the bloom of youth
Professor Tan Ankui, Dean of the School of Government, offered his suggestions to the graduates: “I hope you will combine rigorous study with serving the country, discriminate clearly and practice earnestly, and keep improving yourselves.”

It is the second time for Academician Gao Rui from the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering to hold the scepter at the graduation ceremony. He said that in recent years the university has established several new disciplines, some disciplines have been accredited as A+, and the academic level has been greatly improved. Building infrastructure has provided the faculty and students with good teaching and research environment, and has attracted many outstanding young scholars to come to study and work at SYSU.

The alma mater will remember your name
Zhao Jialong from the Department of Chinese, Yang Tianyingkuo from the School of Sociology and Anthropology, and Yu Wenlong from the School of Life Sciences are members of the moderator group at the graduation ceremony. They are excited to have the opportunity to see the scepter closely and listen to President Luo Jun’s sincere wish for the graduates.

Showing Big Smiles
Graduation is not a farewell but a joyful gathering. The graduates show big smiles on their faces.

When she received the graduation certificate from the President, Zheng Bili from the School of Information Management felt that her four years’ effort was worthwhile. Talking about the honor of outstanding graduate, she expressed gratitude to her teachers, “they led me on my journey of scientific research, and gave me chances for making errors. Their influence on me is deep and far reaching.”

Love for SYSU
He Qian, a student from the School of Physics, will continue his postgraduate study at SYSU. His father was excited to attend the graduation ceremony, and was grateful to the university where his son pursued an all-round development. He hoped that his son would further his study in the academic field and make contributions to the society.

Looking into the Future
Four years of undergraduate education have ended and a new chapter of life will begin. We hope to realize our dreams in the future.

When he received the graduation certificate, Li Zhixiang from the School of Atmospheric Sciences realized that his four years of undergraduate life was drawing to an end. He thanked the alma mater, and hoped that SYSU would maintain the good academic atmosphere, and realize its goal of “entering the first tier of universities nationwide and entering the forefront of world-class universities” in the near future.

We are proud of you
The parents of Shao Jingzhe at the School of Geography and Planning came from Shenzhen to attend the graduation ceremony. The father took snapshots of the campus, “SYSU is so beautiful. Besides natural scenery, it has a unique history.” Talking about his son’s future plan, he said Shao Jingzhe would further his study in the U.K. and come back to work after graduation. The parents fully support their son’s decision.

Forge ahead to realize the Chinese dream
The expectations from the parents, the teachings by the professors, and the cheers and laughter from the students at the graduation ceremony have formed a grand symphony of youth. Let us keep a thankful heart, forge ahead and start a new chapter in the new era!